Exchange 2007 first hours of use

Following on from my post on installing E2K7 here are some more thoughts on Exchange 2007 after a few hours of use.

1. You no longer use ADUC to perform Exchange tasks like setting up a mailbox.

2. You now get the option to setup various types of mailbox be that: User, Room, Equipment, Linked.

Of those the only one whose function is not totally obvious is the linked mailbox. This appears to be “a mailbox that is accessed by a security principle (user) in a separate trusted forest.”

3. When creating mailboxes through ECM (Exchange Configuration Manager) you can create a user at the same time. Another thing which caught my eye during the create mailbox process is that you can assign an Exchange ActiveSync mailbox policy. This suggests that the security policy element of Exchange 2007 has been greatly extended and is now accessible through the UI. Finally at the end of the user and mailbox creation process you are given a code snipet so that you can run a similar command in the mgmt shell. For me this is a great feature!

4. Now on the user properties in the email addresses tab when you want to add a new address it defaults to SMTP. Much simpler and far fewer clicks than 2003!

5. On the mailbox settings tab also on the user account it is interesting to see the Messaging Records policy section. I didn’t find the properties button immediately, but the feature seems interesting as a way of implementing Mailbox management policies simply.

6. Having setup a new mailbox I then loaded up an XP client and did a few test mails. Having done that to populate the mailboxes I fired up the new OWA. The most interesting thing on first impression is the new Documents tab which has replaced the public folders tab. This seems to give access to sharepoint and other windows file shares which looks very interesting. Looks like I will have to install the Sharepoint 2007 beta 2 and see where that takes me!

7. Finally for this post another OWA feature. You can now open up a message and select the message details button which shows you the message headers!

Well that is all for tonight. No duobt there will be more to follow as we all set out to discover a what is clearly going to be a very polished and feature rich new product!