First Observations about Exchange 2007


Well as mentioned in other posts (and all over the Internet!) Exchange 2007 beta 2 is finally with us.

I thought I would take this opportunity to post about my first experiences with the product. All being well, over the next few weeks this will develop into a seriers of posts looking at the new features and components of Exchange 2007.

So here goes, first thing is make sure you download the correct version! In my excitement I went for the 64bit download which of course didn’t run!

Having got past that I setup a small test lab with two machines running 2003 Server R2 Enterprise, fully patched. I then setup the first as a DC and joined the second to it. Finally I made sure they both had net access using a nice little VMWare appliance machine running IPCOP.

Having got all that done I then moved onto installing Exchange. I started the installer which is no longer in the /setup/i386/setup.exe location but is an MSI in the root directory of the extracted files. The installer has five main steps the top two of which were already done:

1. Install .net framework 2.0

2. Install MMC (I assume this is version 3?

3. Install Command Shell

4. Install Exchange

5. Patch Exchange

So I had 1 and 2 already done but I had to install the new Command Shell (formerly Monad, now Powershell). Interestingly the installer actually install Monad RC0 although a newer version branded as Powershell is available.

Anyhow, that done I moved on to install Exchange. I went for the default option to install Mailbox, Transport and Client Access roles and the mgmt tools on the one server. Then prereqs were checked!

Well I failed. First I had to raise the domain functional level to at least Windows 2000 Native and then I needed IIS WWW component installed. I did this and then retried the check. This time it worked and continued. All went well until the Mailbox server install when things bombed out with an error about accessing the IIS metabase. To cut a long story short I guess this was because I didn’t restart setup after installing IIS like I was asked to! Having rebooted I did add/remove programs and selected change on Exchange 2007. I installed the missing role and that is where I am now.

Hopefully after some testing tonight I will have a little more for you!