The PowerShell / Monad divide

I thought it might be helpful to add a few comments about what “PowerShell” and “Monad” mean. The technologies are basically the same thing. In time Exchange 2007 will transition from Monad to PowerShell.

Exchange 2007 Beta 2 uses a build of Monad equivalent to Release Candidate 0. In some, as yet undefined,?later build of Exchange 2007?”Monad” will transition to “PowerShell”.

It’s the same basic technology but you need to know which you are running.

Significant differences include the fact that Monad scripts use a .msh file extension and PowerShell scripts use a .ps1 file extension. Also some cmdlets are renamed in PowerShell, for example get-drive becomes get-PSdrive.

What I term “core” PowerShell available for general admin tasks. Core PowerShell is now at Release Candidate 1.

Download Core PowerShell RC1 from you are interested. You don’t need it to run Exchange 2007 Beta 2, however.

If you are unsure which version of Monad / PowerShell?you are using type


on the command line. If you are?running the Exchange 2007 Beta 2?flavour of Monad the version is 1.0.8553.0. If you are running PowerShell RC1?the version is?1.0.9567.1.