First Observations of Exchange 2007 – 2nd Installment

Hi again, it has been a week or so since I last got a chance to have a look at the beta 2 release of Exchange 2007. But having finally got the site hosted yesterday I have now got another chance. So, here goes for a second installment of observations on the new code.

At the end of the first installment, I was looking at the new version of OWA 2007 so?I will begin where?I left off.

The first thing to mention is that the options section of OWA has had a re-design. Instead of all options being on one long scrolable page the options section is now a series of tabs on the left hand pane. One interesting point to note is that the Password change section now appears to be enabled by default in comparisoin to OWA 2003 and before where you had to make certain changes to enable it. (see link below)

It is also clear OWA now is designed to be much easier to use for those with disabilities. This has been when demonstrated on the msexchange team blog.

Likely I have mentioned this before, but the new mobile features warrent an article of their own and with time will get one in the next couple of months!

Moving onto the calendar section one thing I can’t seem to find after only a few minutes of looking is how to view the whole month in the main pane. Maybe someone can enlightlen me!

Like the Mobility section of the options tab the new Documents folder is something that warrents more attention soon.

But now, moving back to the new administration interface it is hard to miss the new tools section which now, unlike the CTP version from March is now populated with all the tools you would expect. This is now a great section and means that admins have direct access to tools like the ExBPA, ExPTA, ExDRA and the mail flow troubleshooter tool. Alongside these the Mail Tracking tool and the queue viewer tools are all in this section too.
Clicking the message tracking icon starts a completely redesigned tools which from early testing doesn’t seem to work terribly well. The interface is fine although clicking through the wizard seems to end up with a grey page with no content. Something to continue investigating no doubt!

Lastly for this installment, a quick look at the Client access section of the Server Configuration area. Looking at the properties page of the Exchange (Default Web Site) it is great to see on the authentication tab that you can now setup all the authentication for OWA in one area including specifying how users login to OWA either with their user name, UPN or the traditional domain\username.

So that is all for now, hopefully I will have some time to write a third installment soon, but in particular I am going to start investigating some areas specifically such as, mobility, powershell and the replication features.

More soon