How to Remote control your WM5 device.

I have recently been investigating the best way to do demos involving WM5 devices.

Having looked into the Emulator briefly I didn’t have a great deal of luck getting it to work! (something else to play with when I get a minute!)

So I moved onto looking at other methods and discovered the Windows Mobile Devloper Power Toys one of which is a Remote Display app.

So, after downloading and installing, no luck! They don’t really support WM5.

So I googled a little more and then found that actually there is a work around!

Have a look at the article here:


Bascially the key section is as follows:

“It’ll only run on WM5 devices (all of them) if you copy c:\Program Files\Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys\ActiveSync_Remote_Display\devices\wce400\armv4\cerdisp2.exe to the \Windows directory on your PDA and, then, start it there. Then, you will need to manually start c:\Program Files\Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys\ActiveSync_Remote_Display\ASRDisp.exe (NOT cerdisp2.exe as described in c:\Program Files\Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys\ActiveSync_Remote_Display\readme.txt!) on your desktop.”

Thanks for this tip to Werner Ruotsalainen.