Choosing which folders to sync with Activesync

I have always wanted to be able to choose which folders to sync via Exchange ActiveSync whilst on the mobile device out of the office.

This is something that had escaped me until today.

I knew there was a way to do it (in fact I had done a long while ago) but somewhere the knowledge left me!

Anyway now I know again, I thought I would share it so I don’t forget again.


On you WM5 device open up the email program and open the menu, then select tools and then manage folders.

This will give you a list of all available folders with check boxes to select to choose which folders to sync. After selecting a new checkbox?click OK.


At this?point the?phone?will sync and then you will be able to see all the email in that folder (date and size settings permitting).

This is a very useful feature when you need that piece of email that you have filed away deep in your inbox that you didn’t expect to need!

Hope this helps someone.