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A Windows Mobile 5 Bug….

Hi All,

Just thought I would?mention this;?

A colleague and I have found a bug in Windows Mobile 5 which concerns the syncronisation of Calendar objects using Exchange ActiveSync.

To duplicate the issue do as follows:

With Exchange 2003 SP2 setup a device to sync OTA in the normal way.

Next from another user send your test user (the one setup to sync) a calendar appointment.

NOTE: The appointment should be an all day, recurring appointment.

Make sure you have invited the test user as an attendee and then send the meeting requst.

Next wait for the requrie to syncronise with the mobile device.

Once it arrives, accept it (on the mobile device).

Having done this you should find that the item appears in your calendar however instead of one meeting you have two!!

At this point some odd thing happen so that if the sender cancels the meeting that is then synced to the device and one meeting is removed from the calendar but not the other. So in effect you have an orphaned object.

There are a few other wierd things that can happen depending on what you do with the item (like editing) it.

Anyway we raised a call with MS for this (SRQ060904600469) and the end result was that it was a bug in WM5 which they will investigate fixing. It will then be made available for operators to incorporate in a ROM update. So all in all this could take a while to become available if it every does.

I will be really interested to see if this is still an issue on the next version of WM when that ships.



Choosing which folders to sync with Activesync

I have always wanted to be able to choose which folders to sync via Exchange ActiveSync whilst on the mobile device out of the office.

This is something that had escaped me until today.

I knew there was a way to do it (in fact I had done a long while ago) but somewhere the knowledge left me!

Anyway now I know again, I thought I would share it so I don’t forget again.


On you WM5 device open up the email program and open the menu, then select tools and then manage folders.

This will give you a list of all available folders with check boxes to select to choose which folders to sync. After selecting a new checkbox?click OK.


At this?point the?phone?will sync and then you will be able to see all the email in that folder (date and size settings permitting).

This is a very useful feature when you need that piece of email that you have filed away deep in your inbox that you didn’t expect to need!

Hope this helps someone.



October meeting follow up.

Hi All,


Firstly I would like to say a big thanks to Greg and Brett who helped lead last nights event at MS in London.


From the feedback people have given and from talking to people on the night the event was extremely well received, so much so that Brett committed to coming to all of the future events!


We had to sections of discussion with really good participation from the attendees.


So thanks all for coming, glad people enjoyed it and let me know what you want for the next meeting, which will likely be in early December.





New CESN tab in tab bar.


You may have noticed that I have added a new tab to the bar at the top of the site.

The CESN tab will soon be the gateway to the resources available through membership of the Culminis Exchange Support Network.

For more info click on the link:

I will be sorting out the content over the next week or so and then you will need to sign up. I will detail the full process soon.



A mention for MMMUG in the Windows IT Pro Exchange and Outlook Newsletter

Just thought you might like to know that MMMUG has been mentioned in the Windows IT Pro Exchange and Outlook Newsletter.

You must sign up to see the full newletter but here is our bit!

To sign up and have a look at the full newsletter go here:


***SPECIAL: UK Exchange and Mobility User Group Launches
by Anne Grubb,

IT pros in the UK who have an interest in Exchange and Windows Mobile devices have a new focal point for their community. The Microsoft Messaging & Mobility User Group UK, started in July by Nathan Winters, a Unified Communications?Consultant for?Dimension Data?in London, with help from Eileen Brown of Microsoft UK, is the UK’s first Exchange-related user group. “I attended the first [Mark] Minasi Forum meeting in May, which inspired me to try and set up something community-based in the UK,” said Winters.

Winters’ vision for the user group is to serve as a gathering point for Exchange enthusiasts of all levels of experience and “provide a link between Microsoft and Exchange users to improve the product and the skills of those using Exchange,” he said. The group’s Web site at will play a key role in driving the user group and, Winters said, “becoming a key resource for Exchange pros with high-quality articles and well supported forums.” The group will also have regular meetings with speakers from within and outside Microsoft and also is planning an Exchange Server 2007 launch event with Microsoft and Culminis, a user group for IT professionals interested in Microsoft products.