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Using ISINTEG for Exchange DB testing

ISINTEG is used to check and fix the integrity of the Information Store DB in Exchange. It is the only tool that understands the Exchange DB at a mail and object level rather than at the pages/table level which ESEUTIL operates at.

Given that this tool requires the DB to be dismounted you won’t be running it all the time. Really you only need to run it when you are having specific problems perhaps with corrupted items in a mailbox for example.

The follows links are a great source of help if you are planning to run this tool on your DB.





Hope these help




More Exchange documentation resources

For those who like reading! These are some of the more useful Exchange resources, thanks to Eileen Brown –


I’ve been doing some Exchange work recently and poking around in our document library looking at the guides to send out to a customer.? We don’t seem to put a definitive list of good best practice documents?and make them easy to find.? So here are a few documents that I return to time and time again when I’m asked questions.? So these are here for me really – to save me time in the future when I get the next mail…

Exchange 2007: Anywhere Access
Exchange Server Analyzer articles

Best Practices for Exchange Server Public Folders
Deployment Guidelines for Exchange Server Multi-Site Data Replication
Exchange 2003 Disaster Recovery Operations Guide

Exchange Server Database Utility Guide

Exchange Server Deployment Guide

Troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Server Performance

Working with Active Directory Permissions in Exchange Server

Update and Slides from EVO Community Launch

Hi All,

I would like to take this chance to thank everyone who worked to put together the Community Launch of EVO which took place at MS HQ in the UK yesterday (24th Jan 07).

The day was generally a great success with over 270 people attending and approx 200 staying right until the end!

For thos who attended, I really hope you enjoyed the day. If you have any feedback then please feel free to post in the forums.

If you are interested in downloading the slides from the day then the Exchange ones are located here:

Other slides will be posted on the other user groups whose sites are listed below:

SharePoint User Group



Office User Group


Microsoft Unified Communications and RTC User Group

Sorry for the outage!


Just to appologise to anyone trying to access the site last night (Sunday 21st Jan).

Our host had problems in their perimeter network which seems to have taken all their sites (including their own) offline for approx 6-8 hours.

Still we are back now.




A massive number of Exchange resources


Now to be honest I can’t take credit for all this info as it was provided to me by a friend!

Anyway, it is far to useful to not post so here goes:



If you have ever wanted to test the latest Microsoft software within a sandbox environment, without the need to dedicate one or more systems to the project ?? try the TechNet Virtual Lab.

TechNet Virtual Lab: Exchange Server 2007

Take advantage of the latest key features of Exch 2007, with this lab providing exploration of MS AD & Exch management packs; plus a walk though on server Config. Additionally you can explore AntiSpam and SMTP security features, and the migration from Exch 5.5.

The TechNet Virtual Labs offer labs in the following topics:

Exchange Server 2007: Virtual Lab Express

? Virtual Lab Express: Introduction to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Exchange Server 2007

? Exchange Server 2007: Installing Exchange Server 2007

? Exchange Server 2007: Using Management Console and Shell

? Exchange Server 2007: Using Management Console and Shell Labcast

? Exchange Server 2007: Administering Exchange Server 2007 Server Roles and Mailboxes

? Exchange Server 2007: Remote Client Access with Exchange Server 2007

? Exchange Server 2007: Remote Client Access with Exchange Server 2007 Labcast

? Exchange Server 2007: Compliance and Retention

? Exchange Server 2007: Compliance and Retention Labcast

? Exchange Server 2007: Using Local Continuous Replication

? Exchange Server 2007: Using Cluster Continuous Replication

? Exchange Server 2007: Configuring an Exchange Server 2007 Edge Server

Exchange Hosted Services

? Exchange Hosted Services: Providing E-Mail Continuity and Disaster Recovery

? Exchange Hosted Services: Policy-Based Message Encryption

? Exchange Hosted Services: E-Mail Compliance Using Microsoft Exchange Hosted Archive

? Exchange Hosted Services: Implementing Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services

? Exchange Hosted Services: E-Mail Filtering Using Microsoft Exchange Hosted Filtering

? Exchange Hosted Services: E-Mail Archiving Using Microsoft Exchange Hosted Archive

Exchange Server 2003: Virtual Lab Express

? Virtual Lab Express: Microsoft Exchange Server 2003-Distribution

Exchange Server 2003: Deploy

? Migrating From Exchange Server 5.5 Windows NT Server to Exchange Server Windows Server Part 1

? Migrating From Exchange Server 5.5 Windows NT Server to Exchange Server Windows Server Part 2

Exchange Server 2003: Operate

? Implementing Mobile Solutions with Exchange Server 2003 SP2

? Publishing an Exchange Server with ISA

? Managing Exchange and Active Directory with MOM 2005

? SMTP Security Features in Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

Exchange Server 2003: Troubleshoot

? Disaster Recovery with Exchange Server

Exchange Server 2003: Security

? Designing Anti-Spam Defenses Using Intelligent Message Filter

? Secure Messaging and Collaboration

? Antigen Servers: Protecting Exchange Server against Viruses and Spam

This VHD contains Exchange 2007 plus MS LCS 2005 ? this is a preconfigured VM contained within the VHD format ? you will need VS2005R2 to run the VHD ? you will also need to register in order to download the files

Exchange Server 2007 VHD

You will also need additional disk and memory resources for running the virtual machine. This VHD is pre-configured to use approximately 10GB of hard disk space and approximately 512MB of memory.


Exchange Server 2007 VHD

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition VHD

Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006 VHD

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition VHD

TechNet Virtual Lab: Exchange Server 2007

New Article – An overview of clustering Exchange with VMware ESX server


Hopefully you will all be interested in a new article I have just uploaded.

Daniel Eason has written an overview of a solution he is using in his company. He is using ESX server to cluster Exchange 2003 providing a cost effective solution for HA.

Take a look in the articles section or click here for the download link:



Old mail being resent on server reboot!

A strange issue occured today at one of our clients. We patched the server over night and did the customary reboot. Then this morning, the client reported that one of their customers had received mail that was sent in December!!

Now although I have not 100% identified the problem it seems likely that it was one of two things!

Either mail stuck in the SMTP pickup folder/queue that had been re-processed or, and I think more likely from the searching I have done, mail stuck in the Temp Tables.

So if you happen to be looking for info on this type of problem take a look at these links:

Link 1 from google groups

Link 2 from blogger

Link 3 a MS TechNet article

Link 4 a MS KB article


I will continue the troubleshooting tomorrow by looking into the queues and then trying to use MFCMAPI (or its replacement) to inspect the Temp Tables.

If anyone has any other ideas, then let me know!



Some useful articles about Front end NLB and OWA publishing.



Here is a mixed bag of articles which will help you out when thinking about high availability for your front end servers.


The first two are about setting up NLB with FE servers in Exchange 2003 and the last one is about publishing FE servers with ISA 2006 which includes info about the new Web Farm Publishing feature of ISA 2006.





Hope these help