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MMMUG Meeting details for February

Hi All,

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.

This post is to bring your attention to some event happening in the next few weeks.

Firstly the EVO Community Launch. This event on the 24th Jan is now full so unfortunately it is too late to sign up. However, if it is a success then we will hopefuly do another in the middle of the year so watch this space!

Secondly, two new events both in February.

First on the 8th Feb in Scotland, Edinburgh. We are launching MMMUG with sessions about Exchange 2007 and a discussion session answering all your Exchange questions.

To sign up for the Edinburgh event see here.


Second on the 26th Feb in London. Our February Meeting is all about Powershell and Forefront.

To sign up for the London event see here.

I hope to meet as many of you as possible.



Running Exchange 2003 with more than 4GB of RAM

I discovered this issue the other day whilst reviewing a design for a client.

The client planned to deploy Exchange 2003 as part of a migration from Novell GroupWise which needed to occur rapidly. There was no time to wait for and test Exchange 2007 in this case. However, it was thought that as Exchange 2007 was imminent, the hardware should be specced accordingly. Therefore, servers were purchased that were 64bit and which had 8GB of RAM.

On reading the design for 8GB of RAM I wondered whether this was a sensible configuration given that Exchange (with the /3GB switch) can only access 3GB of RAM anyway and the box was only going to be running Exchange.

After a little investigation I discovered this article:

Basically, it outlines that having over 4GB of RAM in a box is potentially detrimental to performance as it takes up part of the paged pool just to address the extra RAM which you won’t be using.

So unless you are running multiple roles on one server (not recommended) then you should either remove the RAM phsyically, or use the following switch in boot.ini

/BURNMEMORY=ammount of RAM

So for a server with 8GB


This will mean the OS will not address the extra 4GB in the server.




How to setup ISA2006 to publish multiple OWA servers in different domains.


This is a great set of four articles from the site written by Thomas Shinder.

In summary

“This article takes a look at how you can use the ISA 2006 Firewall?s LDAP authentication feature to publish multiple Exchange Servers belonging to different domains.”


Take a look here for more:




Calculating storage requirement for Exchange 2003

Some of you will remember we had a session on this a while back at one of the meetings.

Wel in case anyone needs it, here is a link to a great resource on how to calculate storage requirement (IOPS etc) for Exchange 2003.



Just thought I would add a few more links:

Hope it helps



Multiple Forests running Exchange

I recently answered a questions about running two Exchange Orgs after a merger.

The company required GAL sync, Public Folder replication and Free/Busy sync.

Here are a couple of useful links on the same topic



The first link details the features available and what is required to implement them and the second is about the InterOrg Replication tool.



OneNote Mobile 2007

I recently heard this mentioned by Jason Langridge?at an event at MS on the 12th December.

I have finally managed to look into this further and found this excellent web page.

Take a look here for more info, but simply it gives you superb functionality.

You can take voice notes and import to OneNote

Take pictures of business cards and have them OCR’ed into OneNote

Make your usual notes and sync them with OneNote.


All in all a brilliant piece of software. Now I just have to see if it works!

We shall see, but if it does. WOW!