ExBPA and the Exchange 2007 Readiness Check


I guess the Exchange Best Practices Analyser tool is now well known. It is a download which MS Exchange team provides to help you to verify whether your Exchange environment is configured correctly.

To download it go here:

Download page

Updates page


Now, what you might not know, is that since version 2.7 with the updates version there is now another type of test that it can run.

The Exchange 2007 Readiness Check will do just that, running a variety of tests to see whether your org is ready for Exchange 2007. For more info about what is tested see the blog post here:

Exchange team blog


Now one thing you might find is that when you download, install and run the tool the new test doesn’t show up. This seems to be because when you run for the first time the updates have not been installed (they get downloaded on first run).

So to run the new Readiness Check shut and open the ExBPA tool after the updates have run and you will now see the new test.


Hope this is useful, the tool certainly is!