Exchange 2007 Setup Errors

Hi, hopefully this will be of use to those installing Exchange 2007 and having the odd problem! The errors below are certainly odd!

Deleted Objects error

Part way through the Schema setup the below error occurred

The error was that setup can’t access the Deleted Objects container.

Well apparently that is because it isn’t there! Looking with ADSIEDIT confirms that it isn’t there, so I created a new AD object and then deleted it.

I then reran the setup and no problems were detected!

Hub Transport missing folder error

During the install of the Hub Transport role the following error occurred;

Access to the path ‘D:\Setup\ServerRoles\Common\64’ is denied.

It would appear that there is a missing folder on the setup disk!

Check out the thread here for more info

For some reason, if you run setup of the HT role again, the problem does not re-occur.