Intermedia Exchange 2007 Hosting


I recently was in the position where I had come to rely on my work laptop for personal email. Obviously this brings various problems, not least the fact that people who would normally use your personal email address end up replying to your work one which in the event of a job change could become annoying!!

So I decided something had to be done; It was about time I sorted myself out with a hosted mailbox.

I had a look around the Internet and discovered Intermedia (

It would appear that they are one of the first companies offering fully hosted email based around Exchange 2007. Obviously this intrigued me so I investigated further. It looks like Intermedia have a great set of services included (importantly for me) a bunch of ways to syncronise mail with different devices.

So I signed up for their Small Business Exchange 2007 service which gives 3 mailboxes. The setup process was very simple and the only problem I had was that my card was checked manually because of the companies fraud filter. This was done quickly and without issue and frankly I am happy if a company takes extra steps to prevent fraud!!

So what about the service. Well, once my account was created, I setup my domain which was a simple matter of setting it as the primary domain name and then changing my MX record. After only an hour or so I was receiving mail into my new mailbox accessed via OWA or Outlook which is provided free for download.

All in all this was a very simple move and after a week of use I have had no problems and found the people I have dealt with at Intermedia very helpful.

Take a look at the link below for more info about there services: