How to Roll back Recipient Policy for editing on Exchange 2003 after upgrade to Exchange 2007.

When in a test lab migrating from 2003 – 2007 I used the commands below to upgrade my default recipient policy to 2007. Unfortunately what I was testing needed me to be able to administer the policy from the 2003 ESM. So I was stuck until I played around with ADSIEDIT.msc!


Set-EmailAddressPolicy “Default Policy” ?IncludedRecipients AllRecipients


I opened up adsiedit.msc and located the default recipient policy in the configuration container as shown below.

Once there I compared the entries with another 2003 system and found there were a few differences. The differences are outlined in the screen shots below;


On the left is the upgraded version and on the right is the non upgraded one.

My?guess is that this first one shows which version of exchange is allowed to edit the policy


The next screenshot shows 4 attributes that were different:






The final screenshot mentions exchange version.


What I did was edit these areas so they matched up (often just clicking “Clear” to?set it back to ““?(apart from sections where there was an obvious org naming entry)


Having done all that it now works and lets me administer the policy from 2003.

Hope this helps