How to Change the ActiveSync Account on Windows Mobile 6 Devices


Amongst all the fun things I have been doing recently, I decided it would be a good time to migrate my Wife’s email account over to my Exchange 2007 host

Everything went very smoothly until I came to re-syncing her Windows Mobile 6 device.

For a while I couldn’t work out how to change the username and domain. I could change the server address but nothing else.

Well, it turns out that I needed to first delete the existing Exchange partnership and then create a new one.


To delete the partnership on the device, open ActiveSync on the device.

Go to Menu -> Options.

Select the “Microsoft Exchange” partnership

Click the “Delete” button.


This should delete the partnership on the device. Once the partnership is deleted, you can then go to Menu->Configure Server
and set up a new partnership.


Hope this saves someone a few wasted minutes!