Disabling Exchange 2007 Send Connector from the Command Line


Here is a problem I was struggling with last night which I have fixed this morning and thought I would share!


I was trying to use Exchange Management Shell to disable a send connector to an Edge server. It works fine, expect I am prompted about previous versions of Exchange maybe having routing loops as below.

Even when specifying ?confirm:$false it still prompts me!

I need to get round this, as I want to put the command in a script to be executed by a management app if it detects that the Edge server is down so as to reroute mail.

Set-SendConnector -Enabled:$false -Identity “EdgeSync – SiteA to Internet” -Confirm:$false

If your Exchange 2007 organization is also running earlier versions of Exchange
Server, disabling this connector may cause routing loops. Earlier versions of
Exchange Server will not recognize that the connector is disabled and may
continue to route to this connector.
Yes Yes? Angel Yes to All? No No? [L] No to All? Sleep Suspend? [?] Help (default is “Y”):n


Well, here is how I have sorted it!

For some reason the -confirm:$false parameter doesn’t stop you being prompted about possible issue with legacy Exchange routing topologies, however I now have solved that problem using another parameter;

the -force:$true one!

The command that works is as follows:

Set-SendConnector -Enabled:$false -Identity “EdgeSync – SiteA to Internet” -Confirm:$false -Force:$true