CCR Cluster CMS Setup error

I?ve been installed a CCR cluster this week and everything seemed to have gone well except?.

During install the active node failed when creating the CMS. Not really sure why, but the mailbox role was installed and it appeared that maybe a service didn?t start.

The cluster seemed to think that an CMS had been created so I pressed on with installing the passive node.

Well later on I thought it would be an idea to run ExBPA to check over the whole org.

It turned up the error below:

Possible CMS Setup Failure

More info is at the link below:

I thought that the instructions in the link weren?t altogether clear, so basically the way to fix this is to run: /newcms /cmsname:originalname /cmdipaddress:originalIP

At this point setup runs and will clear up the registry which means no more errors in ExBPA.