MMC Conflict with Exchange 2007 Management Tools on Windows XP

I recently exchanged a bunch of emails with a lady from the US who was having trouble getting the Exchange 2007 tools installed on Windows XP.

It seemed that the tools had partially installed but would not work and would not allow her to remove them or reinstall them!

The first thing we tried was removing from the command line as below: /mode:uninstall /roles:ManagementTools

Unfortunately this made no difference!

She was still getting errors as shown in the screen shot below:


So what to do?

Well it turned out after some googling, that there is a MSFT document detailing the problem:

It talks about MMC 3.0 and how it is incompatible with MMC 2.0 ? once the instructions in the document were followed the conflicting MMC was located and deleted.

Then it was possible to install the Exchange Console again and everything now works well!