uCertify PrepKit (070-640) Review


A little while back I was contacted by the guys at uCertify to see if I would review one of their products.

Given that I was interested in doing some upgrade exams based around Windows Server 2008 I agreed. So they gave me a copy of the 70-640 PrepKit which is the Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuring certification ? MCTS.

I must admit that I have had the product installed since before Christmas 2008, but have been so busy up until now that I have had no time to review, still persistent reminders from uCertify paid off and I finally got round to it!

So here goes;

The download process is simple as the PrepKits are available on a trial basis. Having downloaded the file which is a relatively small 10MB in size, installation is also dead easy and caused no problems on my Vista x64 box.

On launching the PrepKit, to enable full use of the product I entered the registration key. That done I returned to the opening page which simply lays out all of the various learning and testing options available.

I decided to start by taking the 15 question Diagnostic test.

The options during testing are particularly impressive, for example there are numerous keyboard shortcuts which make using the mouse almost unnecessary. Alongside that, there is the ability built into the system to feedback on question and supporting content and also to discuss online with other live users of the product. This is not only a great way to ensure that the product continues to improve but also provides a means of building a community around the product which can only help people learn!

I did use the feedback method and what would be really interesting is if someone contacted you to discuss further. The fact that I had to use the feedback option, obviously means that one of the answers was incorrectly explained however this happened rarely during use.

Overall the post test review experience is great with a lot of well laid out technical information to help reinforce the answers.

Having done the diagnostic test I looked around the home page a little more and found that the product is absolutely crammed with info. For example it lays out the Exam objectives as MSFT set them, and then allows you to go into detail about each of the objectives on a technology basis. Equally there are comprehensive study notes to get you up to speeds on areas that are new.

Even more impressively there are longer articles (although not many) and how to articles which actually show screen shots of configuration steps!

All in all to sum up, this seems to be an extremely comprehensive product range. If all the PrepKits in the range are this good then I would highly recommend them! Having started out doing exam preparation with the Transcender tests back in 2002, this is a remarkably improved experience and by far the best testing product I have ever used.