CA’s Antivirus 8.1 and Exchange 2007 on Server 2008


This is a repost of a thread on the Minasi Forum:

I am posing this question and answering it because I searched everywhere on Computer Associate’s site, and could not find an answer. A call to tech support resolved it. I hope this saves somebody some time.
For those attempting to install CA’s Antivirus 8.1 (formerly eTrust)on a Windows 2008 server with Exchange 2007 SP1, the installation application does not show “Groupware Options” as it normally does. Groupware Options is the location to choose the Exchange agent. CA support emailed me a link to an update that was not found by searching and may not be generally available. I have provided the link below along with details about the update.
* This update is not available on the GA distribution (CD) of the CA Threat Manager r8.1 or CA Anti-Virus r8.1 CD set
* Only supports Mailbox Role, not Exchange Server Roles
* Will now install on Microsoft Windows Server 2008
* Will now install on Microsoft Exchange 2007 SP1
* Added additional process exclusions based on recommendations from Microsoft.
* Fixed bug which caused the Information Store to crash when deselecting all archive types.