Redirecting OWA to /Exchange or /OWA


I have often found this to be a nice setup for users who have gotten used to using only the HTTP URL for OWA. It also stops users needing to add the /Exchange or /OWA at the end of the URL.

So here are the steps needed to Redirect OWA users from a simple URL;,

to their OWA:

First open IIS manager

Then create a new website

Give the website a description (OWA Redirect)

Leave the default port 80 and add a host header for the URL that people use to get to your Exchange server –

Create a folder as the home path


Enter the path into the wizard, assign only read permissions, Finish the wizard.

Next open the properties of the new website and select the home Directory tab.

Change to “A redirection to a URL” and enter the full path to the exchange virtual server:

Also select the check boxes:

The exact URL entered above
A directory below this one

Next ensure that the default web site requires SSL

Apply the changes and Exit

Test whether things are working by opening a web browser and going to

You should be redirected to the secure /exchange site.

General Notes:

To make sure this works, I ensured that the new website I created only had an HTTP port not an HTTPS one. That way when users type the correct path they automatically go to the default site.

Hope this helps a few people make life simpler for users!