Welcome to my new blog!


It’s taken a long while but over the last few months I have had the great fortune to meet Tony Brown, who has offered to help me get my (or should that now be our??) user group MMMUG up and running again. As part of that offer he has worked really hard to put together a new website for MMMUG, and finally also helped me to get my blog moved away from Community Server to here, on WordPress!

This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now and I believe that it will give me much more flexibility as a platform to link into other media types, like Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook and the like.

My aim for this new blog is to establish a site under my own name, which regularly comments and explains the current issues/developments in the Unified Communications space, and no doubt also has a sprinkling of posts about what I am up to, including my favourite hobbies, badminton and photography.

There is still a bunch of development work to do but given that today was the launch of Microsoft Communications Server 14, I thought now was a good time for my first couple of posts!

Looking forward to writing here, and of course also for the new MMMUG site and hope that people find my posts useful.