Archives May 30, 2010

Script to set InternalURL and ExternalURL for all Exchange 2010 Virtual Directories

I’ve been working recently on a series of articles describing how to get Exchange 2010 up and running on a single server. The aim is to provide small IT shops or those getting started with Exchange 2010 a place to come where they can find out all about the steps needed to get a server…

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Opening the OCS Help File gives HTML blocked content error

I’ve been doing a bunch of work recently with OCS in various lab scenarios and am really pleased that the OCS product group have bundled all their documentation into a CHM file like the Exchange team have done for a while. The only weird thing about using the downloaded help file (see link below) …

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Virtualizing Exchange

Hi, Not much insight here I know, but I was researching this topic for a friend today and thought the collection of links might at least be useful! Microsoft Virtualization: Best Choice for Exchange Server Should You Virtualize Exchange 2007 SP1? Exchange 2010 System Requirements Microsoft Support Policies and Recommendations for Exchange…

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