Friday Tips and Links #1

At the end of the week I always find that I have a bunch of browser windows open which have some information I think might be useful. Maybe not immediately, but certainly worth looking at sometime!

So recently I’ve seen a few people do weekly round up posts, and I’ve decided that it would be the perfect place to put all those little bits of info, which are not fully investigated but which might be worth a look in the future.

So here goes with number 1.


First Tip:

Typing whoami at a command prompt in Windows 2008 R2 (and likely earlier – 2008) tells you who you are logged on as. It’s great to find out if you are a local or domain admin!


Second Tip:

For those who run SnagIt, (screen capture software) but don’t have the latest version, here is the link for previous versions:


Third Tip:

Here is a useful webcast from Microsoft about virtualizing Exchange:


Fourth Tip:

A nice website offering tools for testing around email

MX Toolbox –


Fifth Tip:

Microsoft has released a deployment guide for hosters planning on using Exchange 2010 SP1.