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Webinar Recording and Slides from MMMUG Exchange 2010 SP1 events

In the last few weeks MMMUG has delivered a couple of Exchange 2010 SP1 events.

The first was with Microsoft as posted here:

And the second was MMMUGs re-launch event as listed here:


Well the slides and webinar recordings from the first event are available on the MMMUG site here:


The slides from Jaap Wesselius from the in person MMMUG event are here:


Hope they are useful.



MMMUG August Event – Exchange Backup and SCDPM 2010

We’re on a roll! The August MMMUG event is being hosted by Tony Brown. and is being held in London on the 18th August 2010.

The subject of the meeting is Exchange backup and recovery and we have Microsoft’s Anthony Tyler talking about System Centre Data Protection Manager’s take on backing up exchange and Kroll Ontrack’s offering for recovery.

Kroll Ontrack is now celebrating its 25th Anniversary as a global leader in the provision of data management solutions, specialising in data recovery, restoration, erasure and investigative products and services (

Ontrack PowerControls software for Microsoft Exchange empowers users to search, recover, extract, restore and migrate Microsoft Exchange data (

Faced with increasing hardware and administration costs together with tighter budgets, organisations are seeking more cost-effective and efficient solutions to manage ad-hoc and routine Microsoft Exchange data requests. The core functionality of Ontrack PowerControls enables System Administrators to search, recover and restore entire .edb, .pst files and granular level items, whilst retaining data integrity.

Kroll Ontrack is pleased to be demonstrating the core functionality, features and application of this invaluable Microsoft Exchange administration tool.


18:00pm – 18:30pm Arrival
18:30pm – 19:30pm Ontrack PowerControls

  • Company & Product overview
  • Single item restore / recovery
  • Intuitive searching
  • Additional functionality
  • Existing customers
  • Live demo
  • Extraction of Microsoft Exchange data from backup
  • Browsing single / multiple .edb & .pst files, to single item level
  • Searching across multiple .edb’s
  • Compliance, investigations and legal requirements
  • Restoration of data
  • Reporting
  • Hands-on demo
  • Q & A

19:30pm – 20:00pm Refreshments
20:00pm – 20:45pm Microsoft DPM

  • Why build DPM?
  • Introducing DPM
  • Demo – Protecting Data
  • How Does DPM work?
  • Demo – Rapid & Reliable Recovery
  • Protected Platforms

20:45pm – 21:00pm Discussions & Questions on Exchange backup / recovery.

The event will be held at Kroll Ontrack’s flagship offices overlooking HMS Belfast and London Bridge:

  • Kroll Ontrack Limited
  • Tower Place East
  • London EC3R 5BS
  • United Kingdom

To Sign Up use the link below:

Digicert being most impressive!


I’ve blogged about Digicert before, but over the last few days I’ve had yet another change to use them and been seriously impressed!

I was setting up an OCS 2007 R2 lab and got to the section where I needed to setup Forefront TMG to proxy connections to the OCS Web Components on my Standard Edition front end.

I created the cert request using the certificate wizard in the OCS administrative tools as it is the easiest way I know to mark the private key as exportable.

Having done that I submitted the request to Digicert and, because it was a domain I have already validated, the certificate was issued within five minutes.

I installed the certificate on the Front End, exported it, and installed it on the Forefront TMG box.

Then for testing I accessed the relevant website externally. Things looked like they worked but on one device I got a trust error. It was late, and I didn’t have time to investigate so I left it.

The next day I received an email from Digicert as below:

We just ran an installation check on the DigiCert SSL certificate that you installed on and it appears that the server needs to be configured for maximum compatibility. You will need to install the Intermediate certificates to the server in order to ensure compatibility with legacy browsers and mobile devices.

On Windows platforms, the easiest way to do this is to use our certificate utility. Just visit and download the Certificate Management Tool. After running it on the server, click the Repair button. Some servers require restarting the services or restarting the whole server after making this change.

You can verify that the problem is fixed at

If you have any problems correcting this issue, please contact our helpful support team and we will be happy to help.

Now I knew about the utility and have blogged about it before, but to be told this is the problem proactively was brilliant!

I ran the utility, it installed the intermediate CAs properly and all is well!

Thanks Digicert

Note: As an Exchange MVP, DigiCert has provided me certificates to use in test labs, without which I may not have had the opportunity to try their service.