A new job; yes another one!


It’s not been that long since the last of my job posts, but sometimes that’s the way these things go.

As regular visitors will know, I’ve been working at Grey Convergence as UC Lead for the last three months. It’s been a brilliant experience, and I feel that I have both learnt and hopefully also contributed a lot. The company has made a huge leap forward and, if the number of Lync 2010 meetings that are lined up are anything to go by, will be very busy over the next few months.

So I am therefore both sad and excited to say that I am leaving. Sad because it’s a great company to work for; people focussed, both internally and with clients. I know that had I stayed I would have learnt a great deal more, as I had only just started getting to grips with the working methods and philosophy which in my career so far are unique and which was what drew me to Grey Convergence in the first place.

The excitement comes from my new job. I’m honoured to have been given a role at Microsoft as a Unified Communications Technical Solution Professional.

The UC TSP role is pretty much my ideal job! In a nutshell my aim is to communicate with Microsoft customers (and partners) the new unified communications technologies such as Lync 2010 and Exchange 2010. I will be presenting, leading chalk and talks and supporting the Microsoft sales teams in helping companies make the decision to implement what I truly feel is some of the most exciting technology out there at the moment.

Of course I am looking forward to the new challenge a great deal, but as some people have told me, it does mean buying some new shirts, as working for Microsoft means I will no longer be an MVP, and MVP shirts make up much of my wardrobe!