Archives January 31, 2018

Some great resources to get into Microsoft blockchain projects

A really short post today as I'm out in the US with the team. Here are some really useful links which will take you to a host of Microsoft Azure related resources covering where Microsoft is headed with blockchain.

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Coco Framework

Microsoft COCO Framework. Right now I'm in the back of a BA Airbus A380 on the way to an LT meeting in Miami, so what better to do than to watch some videos on blockchain? Before I left I managed to download a bunch of content from Channel 9, one of the Microsoft training sites.…

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More FUN

Patience once again... had I waiting a few more hours I would have turned the £0.90 loss into a decent £200-300 profit. So I'm having another go, this time with a lower buy in point, staggered from 895 - 890 - 880 - 875. I will also wait 36-48 hours as needed to hit my…

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