Starting again…

Just over twelve years ago, I first started a blog. That blog was originally intended to be a personal notepad, sharing things I found at, things I found interesting, and predominantly I.T. based. It certainly met those goals and was eventually replaced by a new blog on WordPress which is essentially what you see here. Along the way, my writing developed and expanded and I contributed many articles to all sorts of online publications and even wrote a few books on Exchange and Lync (now Skype for Business). Well for me, all that is now long past certainly from a technical perspective. I’m now a Program Manager Manager, part of the Office Product Group at Microsoft on the FastTrack team. Whilst I still play my part in helping companies get up and running with Office 365 mostly that’s through supporting my team.

So why am I starting again here? Well I’ve come to realise that the World is still moving on, and that ultimately whilst Office 365 is a massive business and something which millions of people use world wide, there are other things out there developing which could drive the seismic change that shapes the next twenty-five years of technology development. When Satya Nadella took over as CEO at Microsoft, one of the things he worked to develop within Microsoft as a whole was the concept of growth mindset. It’s within that spirit that I start again here, and I intend to share my journey through understanding the technology of Blockchain.

My intention is to post every day, at least something. Some posts will be longer, others perhaps just a single link, but I want to make a start as I really think that blockchain as a technology could change a lot about the world. At the very least it’s an interesting space and one which is clearly developing in scope and interest in a multitude of ways. Finally, I felt that given all that history developed on this site I wouldn’t wipe it an start again. Instead I’ll leave the Exchange and Lync material up and just continue anew with stuff on blockchain and most likely a few other things too.

If anyone is out there reading this, then thanks, I’m pleased to hear from you and share the journey.