They say patience is a virtue.

Another short post today, because it’s been a rather busy weekend! Yesterday afternoon and evening I was playing in the Farnborough Symphony Orchestra for our January concert. Then today a complete change of scene at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford for the new year squash tournament.

So all in all not much time for Crypto… however, I was in the middle of that short position having sold a couple of BTC. That led to a fair bit of checking the phone yesterday during rehearsals… wishing that BTC would go down in value and watching it hover around the £10,400 mark. Anyhow, my suggested to be patient and wait a bit, and this morning when I woke up BTC was back down just under the £10,000 mark, so my buy order had been fulfilled and I now have the BTC back. Logically it should be possible to keep doing this when a market settles into a pattern like this for a few days, but there is some argument as to whether the stress is really worth it!

Whilst I think of it one other thing to share, Coin Ticker is a really useful app… or perhaps a really stressful app. It allows you to log your portfolio on your phone and keep track of things… however it does lead to constant checking. Still it’s useful and nice to be able to track things over time on your phone, as it helps to recognise the patterns in the market if you can build up a regular understanding of what certain coins do over 1, 5 and 30 days.

Here’s a link in case you’re interested: Coin Ticker: Bitcoin & Altcoin by Zijun Huang