It’s been a hell of a day in Crypto today… red right across the board with some coins losing over 50% of their value.

The choice to buy back in the other day seems pretty silly now, but hey, BTC has done this before, let’s hope patterns repeat. As it stands i’ve used the chance for lower Alt/BTC prices to accumulate some more Alts to balance my portfolio. Here’s hoping that things rebound in the next few weeks.

Realistically, BTC has these big drops and it’s interesting to see the panic that creates across the whole marketplace. It is clear BTC has a massive impact. It is also true to say that patterns like this have been seen over the last few years. A big correction over a 4-8 week period, often sets up the next bull run.

My plan, wait it out and see what comes next. Hope that some of the Alts I’ve bought recover quicker than BTC and that overall things pan out. Fingers crossed.