Voting in ARK and new Gunbot strategies

A couple of topics today, first ARK.

ARK is another coin which uses a Proof of Stake mechanism to incentivise its network. However this one has a nuance, which is that it uses delegated proof of stake. Essentially this means that you delegate your staking rights to another party who then forges the blocks and takes the reward. The system the allocates the rewards back to the voting parties by a pre-agreed amount. This means that the delegates can choose to return all (100%) of the reward back to the voter or part of it, and use the rest for some type of community action. This gives rise to a market place of ideas where you can choose to vote and effectively fund community development. It’s an interesting idea with a lot of potential.

I won’t go through exactly how I did it, frankly because for some reason images are not working in my blog right now, and you need to see to properly understand, however I will link to a couple of useful resources:


Mini Guide: Mining, Staking, Forging, Voting – how to get more Ark from ArkEcosystem

UPDATE: He’s a link to the vote calculator I used:

Now the second topic is that after explaining my needs for a bot, I got talking to some people on the GunBot telegram channel. It turns out there have been big development since version 3 which I last used. We’re now on version 7 and there are new strategies. Particularly “Trailing Stop / Stop Limit: a moving range for buying and selling, trailing optimal buy and sell levels.”

More info is here:

I believe that this combined with Ping pong, will allow me to set my buy level and then have the bot watch and sell at the appropriate place… more detail to come once I get it working.