Maybe we hit the bottom… and some great FUN action

A few things today:

  1. BTC is making a great effort to break out of the downward trend. It’s not clear that it’s made it yet, but it has gone up over $2000 today, so some significant progress. It’s now a case of wait and see if it can make it up over the $8500 mark and then over $9000. I think if that holds then there is a good chance we’re on the up again.
  2. FUN has seen a massive rally today… which I actually caught :). The whole concept of waiting out the dips and having faith in the stuff you buy paid off, literally. I managed to cash out my FUN at the 895 and then 860 mark which made me 0.03 profit on my trade. All in all, a huge success as I didn’t blow it by getting greedy. FUN then dipped all the way back to 700 so I’m very happy to have timed things right.
  3. Lastly I’ve now found another app (actually loads) but this one seems pretty good so far, that does alerts. I’ve set them so that my phone will alert me when FUN hits 625 and 750 as these are interesting areas to buy in or at the least to start watching carefully. Here is a link to the app: