Responsive support and a Binance Outage

Slow day today as Binance has been down all day! A little scary, but to be fair to them, they have been doing a professional job on the support front. Regular updates every two hours on Twitter. Follow @Binance_2017 for info. Apparently they had a DB failover issue and then had to resync. Now given that they have millions of users that’s going to be one hell of a resync! Fingers crossed they are back up sometime in the small hours as planned (4amUTC on 9th).

In other news, the Coin Ticker app that i’ve been using for my portfolio view has had a major update. Nice new portfolio view that shows change and more coin info. However, they did remove one thing I find critical which is the view of the amount of BTC each coin amounts to. Thankfully again decent support. I contacted them on Twitter and had a reply within a couple of hours saying that it would be back in an update soon.