Comments on wallets for ICX and PIVX

Just a quick note today. I wanted to get my ICX and PIVX off the Binance exchange and into wallets where I control the keys. Actually it turned out to be dead simple, but here are a couple of quick tips if you’re trying.

Firstly ICX (ICON); this is currently an ERC20 token on the ETH chain, so it should be dead easy to put into MEW (MyEtherWallet) linked to my Trezor. Well it turns out it is, however a while back it wasn’t! There is still information out there about adding ICS as a custom token:

Information about ICX

It turns out that’s no longer needed but if you’re searching it could cause confusion. Either way, if you go and try to add the custom token MEW will tell you it already exists do no damage done.

Secondly PIVX; you will find that by default PIVX makes 10% of your coins into zPiv which is, I believe, part of their privacy system. If you want to stop that behaviour, which I did, just to keep things simple, then you can do it by editing the config file in the wallet. Details are here: