News around decentralized identity work from Microsoft

One of the things that I like about Blockchain is the potential to change the way things work. For right now I have to manage tons of identities across physical and digital worlds.

As the physical and digital worlds coalesce and we move into an existence which is a mixture of both (augmented reality) there is the potential to use Blockchain to significantly simplify identity. For example, imagine if you had a single ID which presented granular control over who had access to which attributes.

This week Microsoft has announced work that it’s participating in to move us closer to that type of system. The aim is to put the individual at the centre to provide control over how each element of identity is used and accessed.

Initially there is work to implement support for Decentralized Identities on the Microsoft Authenticator app which will be your control point.


It sounds like there is a lot of work needed to make this possible, but it’s an exciting prospect.