Day 50 – Update on my yearly aims. Part 1

Given that we’re now 50 days into 2018 that means a little over a 7th of the year has gone already! With that in mind I thought that it was about time to look back at my aims and check on progress. After all, without measurement a goal is less likely to be met.


As it stands, my aim to see people on my team is going pretty well. We’ve recently managed to get all my peers and manager together in one place for the first time in over a year. It was a great chance to build new relationships and strengthen/reinvigorate old ones so all in all pretty happy with that!

Network wise, things are mixed, I’ve certainly talked with a few new people outside my previous circle and have made a bit more regular contact with a couple of people who I previously talked to regularly, but it’s not been the wholesale change / uptick that would be good. More work is needed here.


On a more positive note, I would say that I’m making progress in the blockchain world with regards contacts. It’s slow and steady, but i’ve had a few follows on Twitter and am building up a list of contacts that i’m following. The next step is to continue to add value to the conversation and gradually get people to know me, and to get to know them, rather than just following posts!

On the technical front, I’ve definitely made progress on the trading front. Again it’s slow, but I’ve made some good trades that were not by accident. Clearly there is a huge amount to learn, both technically and emotionally but I’m still in the game which is fine for now. In the pursuit of transparency, I’ve managed to get up over 4BTC at some points in the last few weeks and have made 0.077 in trading profit. Right now though things are looking less good, and I’m down at around 3.7BTC. A lot of this was driven by the significant drop of Raiblocks/Nano after the theft from BitGrail.

As it stands right now I’m no closer to building a coin, however I have made a start on courses on PluralSight and also have discovered some great resources on Steemit, which will keep me busy learning wise for quite a while.

Another of my aims was to start staking coins. I’ve built a significant (0.44BTC) position in NAV which is staking well and also small positions in PIVX and CLOAK. Most recently I’ve got into Crown (CRW) and am looking at running a Crown System Node which is currently reporting a 26% return in a year.

Finally regards blockchain events / conferences, i’ve not made progress. There is an upcoming NAV event but that clashes with a rehearsal so this is an area I still need to working on.


Tomorrow I’ll complete the update and set-out any tweaks that I’m going to make to keep things on track.