Interesting people to follow on Social Media

It seems since I was last heavily active on social media, things have moved on a bit! There are a lot more channels that people are using, which makes me wonder how on earth content creators manage to participate on all of them! Anyhow, on the plus side from my point of view, Facebook and Twitter are still up there alongside a host of others like:

  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • Telegram
  • Instagram
  • Steemit

So what’s changed for me?

Perhaps the biggest thing is I’ve discovered YouTube! I know crazy right and how far behind the world… anyhow, I’ve a few people I’m subscribed to and regularly watch.

Crypto Oracle: A little cheesy, but useful insights / research tips.

CryptoBud: Slightly longer videos often an Asian market focus

Archane Bear: Mixture of Crypto and life, but some great insights and portfolio.


On top of YouTube I’ve in the last few weeks I’ve started using Facebook more and more to get the latest news in the Crypto space and Twitter to see trading tips and suggestions. On the FaceBook front I’m enjoying the articles on CoinTelegraph, and on Twitter I’m following these people:




All in all lots to keep up with and lots to learn but it’s an exciting journey so far…


Minasi Conference 2010 – spreading the word!


As you know a over the last few months I have been organising the Minasi Conference 2010. Well we are pretty close now, and it’s nice to see that the MVP Blog has picked up on the conference and added it’s weight to the publicity.

Well we are now only two weeks away and there are still a few places left so if you need any more encouragement take a look at the links below!

As for the last couple of years here are some links to people publicising the conference:

Aidan Finn:
Why should you go to the Minasi Conference?!

Mark Minasi:

Joe McGlynn:

Nathan Winters:

Ultan Kinahan:

Susan Bradley:
Want to know what Mark Minasi takes in his coffee? – THE OFFICIAL BLOG OF THE SBS "DIVA":

Don Jones:
Check out a Great, Small, NON-Profit Conference

Nick Whittome:
Minasi Conference – Bigger and Better

Brett Johnson

A link focused on the pre-con at the Cisco Academy Facebook page

Paul Thurrott giving us a plug:

From RichNRockville

It would be nice to see you there!