Exchange 2010 Storage Improvement

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been putting together a couple of presentations for the Dimension Data Next Generation Messaging launch which is focussed on moving people on from Exchange 2003.

The webcasts will be online soon and when they are I will put up a link.

However, in the mean time here are some of the resources I used whilst preparing the deck/session on Exchange 2010 Storage Improvements.

The biggest thanks, help came from Matt Gossage and his presentation from TechED US 2009. Matt is the Product Manager responsible for storage at Microsoft and did a great job explaining things!

Obviously also inspired by that presentation was Mahmoud Magdy who works for Enow Consulting. He put together a three article series on Exchange 2010 storage here:

On top of the above there are clearly numerous resources some of the most useful were:

Mailbox Server Storage Design:

The Exchange 2010 Large Mailbox Vision Whitepaper

Dude, Where’s my single instance?


All in all hopefully that is a useful list and that you might also find my deck below useful.




Virtualizing Exchange


Not much insight here I know, but I was researching this topic for a friend today and thought the collection of links might at least be useful!

Microsoft Virtualization: Best Choice for Exchange Server

Should You Virtualize Exchange 2007 SP1?

Exchange 2010 System Requirements

Microsoft Support Policies and Recommendations for Exchange Servers in Hardware Virtualization Environments

TechNet Webcast – Microsoft Virtualisation Best Practices for Exchange Server (Level 300)



My UK TechDays Presentation – Exchange 2010 IPC


As promised here is the first of my posts following up my presentation at UK TechDays 2010.

The topic of the talk was Exchange 2010 Information Protection and Compliance.

The whole day went very well and I believe, it was a full house at approx. 380 people. Even at the end of my slot, the last of the day, there were still well over half the audience left!

Key questions that were raised after my session were around the use of Transport rules and the flexibility they offer, the use of MailTips as a user prompt based on message content and what the future holds for Exchange Hosted Services archive.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting further articles on setup of the demo labs for my presentation and will try and address the above questions too!

For now, here are my slides:

Hosted Pilot for Microsoft Unified Communications

Whilst at Dimension Data there has long been a point of discussion about how we could offer a hosted pilot for the various Microsoft UC end user features. We were hoping to setup a multi tenant OCS and Exchange 2010 system by doing some segmentation work on the Address Book system and by using FaceTime IMAuditor to ensure that only people on the same trial from the same company could communicate.

However, it would now appear that Microsoft have gone and done it for us and the rest of the industry.

Here is the information from Microsoft

You and your colleagues are invited to experience first-hand how Microsoft’s Unified Communications solution can help you harness the power of software to streamline communications between people anytime, anywhere, free for 60-days.
Register for the Unified Communications Virtual Experience today at
The Virtual Experience allows you to test drive the end user capabilities delivered by Exchange Server 2010 and Office Communications Server 2007 R2 for 60-days, you will discover how you can:

Connect with the right person, right now from within familiar, easy-to-use Microsoft Office applications—with one click

Bring people together quickly and easily—anytime, anywhere

Break down communication silos—whether people are down the hall, across continents, or constantly on the road

So my plan is to try and trial this at home and then let you know all about the process.

Stay tuned for more!

Exchange 2010 SP1 announced!

At this stage another short post!

But as soon as bits are available I will get something longer up here.

Microsoft have again improved Exchange with the announcement of SP1.

As regular readers will know I’ve been working on Information Protection and Compliance with Exchange 2010 recently for a presentation at UK TechDays next week. Well there are loads of changes in those areas!

As is so often the case with the Exchange product group Microsoft have really listened to feedback and implemented things like being able to split the user archive off into a separate database. You can also import mail directly into Exchange with server side admin lead tools rather than relying on users to move mail into their archive. I personally will be interested to see whether you can import directly to the archive!

Another nice addition is being able to create Retention tags, (and hopefully policies) directly in the GUI rather than only through PowerShell.

One of the biggest deals for many is that the Personal archive can be used from Outlook 2007 which will remove a massive blocker for deployment as companies are often much slower to upgrade their Office suite than their mail system.

Alongside all the above there are numerous improvements to OWA to speed up use and move it even closer to being a very capable replacement for Outlook in many situations.

For more info see the announcement on the Exchange team blog.



I’m Presenting on Exchange 2010 Protection and Compliance at Microsoft UK TechDays 2010


Given by the lack of posts over the weekend you might think I was taking it easy having a nice Easter weekend!

Well no! I was working somewhat manically with Exchange 2010 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory Rights Management.

I spent the best part of 3 days working to build the demos I will need for my slot at TechDays UK which is being held next week starting April 12th in various locations around London.

For more info the basic home page is here:

I think it is pretty much booked up but the good news is that the sessions will be videoed and available for streaming after the event.

My slot covers all things Information Protection and Compliance in Exchange 2010 so I will be covering Personal Archive, Retention policies, Legal hold and Multi-Mailbox Search and also Info Rights Management, Transport Rules, Moderation and MailTips.

For more about my slot see the link here and look at Tuesday!



Exchange 2010 IRM Journal Decryption Documentation error


I’ve been playing around with AD RMS and Exchange 2010 integration and believe  have come across a documentation error.

First a quick summary of the feature from the help file:

Enabling journal report decryption allows the Journaling agent to attach a decrypted copy of a rights-protected message to the journal report. Before you enable journal report decryption, you must add the Federated Delivery mailbox to the super users group configured on your Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) server.

In the follow doc which describes how to configure (enable/disable) journal report decryption:

The command to enable journal report decryption is wrong:

It currently reads:

Set-IRMConfiguration -JournalReportEncryptionEnabled $true

I believe it should read

Set-IRMConfiguration -JournalReportDecryptionEnabled:$true

Microsoft have logged the bug so hopefully there will be an updated copy soon!