Webinar Recording and Slides from MMMUG Exchange 2010 SP1 events

In the last few weeks MMMUG has delivered a couple of Exchange 2010 SP1 events.

The first was with Microsoft as posted here:


And the second was MMMUGs re-launch event as listed here:



Well the slides and webinar recordings from the first event are available on the MMMUG site here:



The slides from Jaap Wesselius from the in person MMMUG event are here:



Hope they are useful.



Exchange 2010 SP1 webinar – Thursday 10th June 2010 with Microsoft UK and MMMUG

As you may be aware – Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1 is being released shortly and Microsoft’s Brett Johnson, Steve Tassell and Leigh Smith and I will be delivering a LiveMeeting on the 10th of June from 9.30 am to 11:00 am to explain in detail the fixes and enhancements that it contains.

The LiveMeeting’s agenda is as follows:

• Reminder of the Exchange 2010 core tenets
  • An update on where Microsoft is with Exchange Online
  • Introduction to the Feature Enhancements of Exchange 2010 SP1 such as;
    o The New Exchange Control Panel Management UI
    o Improved High Availability and Disaster Recovery functionality
    o Improved Outlook Web App UI and Performance
    o Better Mobile Device Experience
    o New Information Protection and Control
      ? Personal Archive Enhancements
      ? Retention Policy Management Enhancements
      ? Multi-Mailbox Search Enhancements
• Demo and Deep Dive
    o Having given a broad outline of the new features we will demo some of the most visible, including;
      ? New OWA,
      ? Exchange Control Panel
      ? Key Information Protection and Compliance functions
• Questions & Answers

To log into the event – click on the following url….


We encourage you all to join this meeting as it will be useful to anyone who looks after Exchange Servers of whatever variety – even if you’re not currently using Exchange 2010.

Exchange 2010 Storage Improvement

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been putting together a couple of presentations for the Dimension Data Next Generation Messaging launch which is focussed on moving people on from Exchange 2003.

The webcasts will be online soon and when they are I will put up a link.

However, in the mean time here are some of the resources I used whilst preparing the deck/session on Exchange 2010 Storage Improvements.

The biggest thanks, help came from Matt Gossage and his presentation from TechED US 2009. Matt is the Product Manager responsible for storage at Microsoft and did a great job explaining things!


Obviously also inspired by that presentation was Mahmoud Magdy who works for Enow Consulting. He put together a three article series on Exchange 2010 storage here:




On top of the above there are clearly numerous resources some of the most useful were:

Mailbox Server Storage Design:


The Exchange 2010 Large Mailbox Vision Whitepaper


Dude, Where’s my single instance?



All in all hopefully that is a useful list and that you might also find my deck below useful.