Additional Feeds added to the Aggregated Feed


I have just spent a little time updating the list of links on the links page and have also taken the time to ensure that any blogs that are linked to are also pulled into the Aggregated RSS feed.

You should therefore now find much more content on the aggregation page which means you can gather many blog feeds just by pulling down the RSS feed from the Aggregated RSS page:

Hope this is useful.

If there are any sites you would like added to the list or the feed then let me know.



Site Speed

It has been mentioned in the forums that the site speed is sometimes rather slow.

Firstly for me it appears that the load time is slow however, after that things speed up. I believe this is similar to other community server based sites so there may be little that can be done.

On the general speed side of things, the site will be moved to quicker hardware and a faster Internet connection in the next week or so, so if you can bear with me until then that would be great.

If things are very slow at specific times please let me know and I will investigate further.



Request for content

Hi Everyone,

Well as you can now see we have our first members so the community is already beginning to grow.

This post is a request for help in providing quality content for the site.

If anyone is interested in blogging on the site or providing Exchange or Mobility specific articles please get in touch either through the site or by email:

I look forward to hearing from you!




Introduction to the MMMUG


Welcome to the Microsoft Messaging and Mobility User Group UK.

This blog will be used to give information about the site and the group.

I hope that you find the site useful and look forward to meeting you at our meetings in various locations in the UK.