Comparing Exchange with Open Source mail systems

This is a topic which has come up on one of our internal mailing lists at work. It brought up some interesting info which I thought I would share.


Here was the question:

A client is looking at Open Source messaging as opposed to Microsoft Exchange. We want to provide a comparison and are building a presentation around this.


And the response:

  • You can not compare a product vs an idea. Open Source is not a product.
  • Open Source says, you are able to have a look into the code and change it if you are able to .
  • Open Source products are not free of cost by default.
  • Support is not free of costs
  • Implementation and customizing is not free of costs

Following links compare exchange and certain open source products

From my point of view it make sense to have a look to the rest of the environment and look for possible problems, advantages or disadvantages

– Operating system, mobile clients, infrastructure and integration, 3rd party, user agents,


Hope that is of use.