My take on Social Networks

Recently a friend posted on the Mark Minasi forum about social networks:

Here is my take on it:

I am on Facebook, Linked in and Twitter.

Personally, I think you get out what you put in. So for example, I didn’t really look at Facebook for a year or so, but actually then my wife joined it and started going on about it quite a bit, and I have found that it is rather useful. People comment on my status and I have commented on them.

Linked in is used for business contacts more specifically and for the groups functionality which is quite useful at connecting like minded people. I think linked in is also useful as an online CV tool, as there are man recruiters on there and I regularly get them asking me if I am available for work.

Twitter is altogether the hottest thing right now! For over a year I thought it was rather pointless and didn’t join. Then I went to a community leaders day at MSFT (for those that run user groups), and everyone was talking about it, so I joined. I must admit it has been really great. I have ended up having conversations with people I would not otherwise have talked to and have also found a whole new side to the Internet. It is a really nice way to keep up with news for example Nortel filing for Chapter 11, and then to discuss that with a variety of people. It is also nice that there are many mobile clients so you are not out of the loop. Another great use of Twitter is to advertise your blog to a slightly different audience than usual.

All in all, I find that having put more effort into these tools since Christmas, I now have a much larger number of communications with people, and have got support for various technical issues.

In the end it is about having a large number of different communications options and picking the most relevant one, for example not everyone is on Live Messenger, but they can be contacted by Facebook chat.

One thing that really helps is a good client. I use Digsby to pull all this information into a single place but, also occasionally use Twirl for Twitter.

So feel free to join up and let me know so we can communicate!