Exchange and Cisco Telepresence

In the last few weeks I have been loosely involved with a couple of projects which involved the integration of Telepresence and Exchange. In particular the key scenario was how things would work if there were multiple Active Directory Forests where Exchange was installed and whether scheduling resources would be possible. The below is what I found out.

If a single forest contains multiple domains you can configure CTS-Manager and all room accounts on one AD\Exchange server in
one of the domains.

If there are multiple forests deployment becomes a challenge.? Only a single forest is supported for CTS-Manager deployments.? One option in a multi-forest environment is to configure CTS-Manager and CTS rooms in one of the forests and have a centralized scheduling team schedule meeting for users.? This provides centralized meeting scheduling and One button to push for end users.

CTS-Manager can only point at a single hostname or IP address. However, using DNS C records and load balancers this single record could resolve
to a pool of front-end servers, which in turn could connect to a pool of mailbox servers.

Something large environment have done is have the CTS-Manager point to which resolves to a pool of Distributed Directors, which in turn front-end all of the Exchange servers.

CTS-Manager also supports having multiple child-domains under the root domain (e.g.,,, etc.) by configuring multiple (up to 6) User Containers (e.g. CN=users,DC=AMER,DC=company,DC=com) for it to search through.

However CTS-Manager has only been tested against a single AD Forest, with a single Exchange Org in that Forest, with multiple child-domains in that forest.