Archives August 9, 2009

Useful OCS 2007 R2 information

There is lots of info out there about OCS 2007 R2 so I thought I would list a few sites here: An overview of some of the key features: ? An install guide: ? Another tips and tricks series about install ? On a slightly different subject here is a bunch of…

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SQL Management Tools not available

Hi. Recently I installed SQL 2005 on a machine as part of a new lab setup for OCS 2007 R2. Strangely the SQL Management Studio was not installed. This post below explains why and how to fix it. ? Essentially, the fix is to open the setup folder and in there is a SqlRun_Tools.msi…

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Dealing with Conflicts in Recurring appointments when using Exchange resource mailboxes

Hi, I recently got asked a question as a follow up to my article on using Exchange 2007 resource mailboxes on the Simple Talk website here: ? The question was as follows: I have users trying to set up recurring appointments with users and resources. Let?s say UserA wants to create a Monday 10AM…

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