Dealing with Conflicts in Recurring appointments when using Exchange resource mailboxes


I recently got asked a question as a follow up to my article on using Exchange 2007 resource mailboxes on the Simple Talk website here:


The question was as follows:

I have users trying to set up recurring appointments with users and resources. Let?s say UserA wants to create a Monday 10AM meeting with 10 people in ConfRoomB for the next 10 weeks.

Lets also say the room is booked for a Company presentation on the 7th recurrence. The Room returns a declined for all instances.

How can this be set up to accept the other 9, and what can we do to lets say re-organize the one occurrence that has a conflict.

Right now, the user has to then delete the entire series he just set up, and send out multiple invites working around the conflict. Gets kind of messy for the people receiving these emails every 5 seconds with Invites, Changes and Deletes.


Well I believe that the following can help deal with this.

You can use the MaximumConflictInstances parameter of Set-MailboxCalendarSettings cmdlet. The conference room will accept the appointment, but decline for just the dates that conflict. The conflicted dates can then be re-arranged