Shorting is stressful

Maybe i’ll learn… maybe?

There are so many decisions to make trading crypto. I thought that it was about time to pull some money out, not because of any specific market analysis, more just on a personal risk level sense. However, having done that, I then regretted it, and asked myself what if… i.e. how annoyed am I going to be when BTC gets to £18,000 / $25,000 versus the $14,000/£10400 it’s at now.

So I went back in, or at least I went partially back in, and made a little profit. However, I then decided to go back in with the rest of the money I left out, and now i’m underwater on that bit… so effectively I’ve shorted BTC and am waiting for it to drop. Slightly scary given it looks like not going quite that low at the moment!

Ah well… fingers crossed.