An outline of my portfolio

One of the things I’ve really struggled with is getting my portfolio to a place where I’m happy with it. There are so many aspects to consider and i think right now I’m about 95% there.

I wanted to have a decent portion in BTC because it is really still the driving force behind the market. In fact in general, I’d much rather have more BTC at this point rather than a higher dollar value of the overall portfolio. Of course to achieve that you have a couple of main options… buy more BTC with fiat currency, or buy Alt coins that you believe will move faster than BTC. I have to say over the last six months I’ve swung back and forth, frankly without all that much science, between having the portfolio almost all in BTC and having it almost all in Alts.

Getting the flipping point wrong is what has cost most of the BTC that I’ve lost over the time. I.e. I have essentially panic sold Alts on two occasions either when specific regional news (the first China crackdown which made NEO tank) happens or when BTC was pumping like mad and all Alts took a hammering. At that last point, I massively over reacted and moved alts to BTC when it looked like BTC was going above $20K. Of course we now know that didn’t happen and the Alts rebounded hard.

All in all a hard lesson / costly lesson to learn, but one which has contributed to where I am now. So where is that?

Well, at this point I’ve invested in the following as mainstays of the portfolio:

  • BTC approx 45%
  • NAV approx 12.5%
  • NEO approx 10%
  • ETH approx 7%
  • RaiBlocks approx 6.25%
  • LTC 5%
  • ADX 2.5%
  • Cloak 2.5%
  • Ark 2.5%
  • BNB 1.25%
  • CVC 1.25%
  • XVG 1/125th
  • FUN 1/200th
  • BTG 1/200th
  • POE 1/400th
  • TRON 1/1000th

My general aim is to invest in coins which I believe in for the long term i.e. 1-3 years at least. I think the the vast majority of the above is in that category. I have also then picked some lucky picks so to speak. I.e. coins that you think just might do 10,000% growth in a couple of years, but might die out. I figure if I make 5-10 of these picks and put £100-200 each into them, If even one does that type of growth then I’ll be very pleased.

So that’s an outline and some of the reasoning behind the choices. Over the next few weeks I’m going to write a few posts on each of the main coins and why I like them and particularly what they have coming up.