BTC Update and FUN news

BTC seems to have bounced off the 0.386 Fibonacci level. Now it’s a question of waiting and seeing if the bounce continues. Fingers crossed.
FUN has dropped down to the 0.5, and seems to have stabilised but it’s very possible to see it drop further. Hopefully some positive news from the upcoming ICE conference in the UK will help make sure that doesn’t happen. To be fair we’ve been down to this level a few times in the last couple of months, so I’m hoping for a recovery in the next few weeks. My get out with some profit point is around 0.00000865.
On the downside for FUN, Bittrex seems to be going to delist it. I’ve seen comments on Reddit which suggest that Bittrex is about to be looked at by the US regulators and they are trying to remove tokens which don’t have a current active product. Hopefully this won’t hinder FUN in the medium term, as it’s already on other strong exchanges like Binance