Litecoin Cash (LCC) fork

It seems that the recent surge in the LTC price has come because of a promised fork that will occur at block 1371111 which is likely to be mined sometime on Sunday 18th February. The new coin will be LCC and you will get 10 for every 1 LTC you hold.

As with some of the recent BTC forks it’s not all that clear whether this new coin will bring any particular benefit. After all, the stated aims of changing the Hashing algorithm to SHA256 instead of Scrypt so that older BTC mining gear becomes useful is all very well, but that only really appeals to miners, there needs to be something useful for the coin to do, to build a community behind it, otherwise it just becomes another rubbish coin setup for Pump and Dump schemes.

At this point there doesn’t seem to be any software out there to use as a wallet and Trezor isn’t planning on supporting the fork at this time.

All in all, it sounds like another attempt by someone to make a bit of money off an existing well known brand!