Day 51 – Yearly Aims Update – Part 2


Now for part two…


Remarkably I’ve managed to play something every day this year! That’s even including the trip to the US I made a couple of weeks back for work. So all in all that’s going well.

We’ve got a few dates in the diary for the wind quintet and I’ve got an idea of a pianist for a duo, so progress is being made.

Health and Wellbeing

At the start of 2018 the fitness idea didn’t really take off! Time management is a major issue. Anyhow, we finally got round to sorting out new life and critical illness insurance with Vitality. This has been a kick in the right direction as it directly links activity to financial reward. They operate a system where you get points for activity and that reduces the cost of the policy. As it stands I’ve been regularly completing my goals so fingers crossed it starts to make a difference! On the squash side of things the Guildford tournament went well and my level has improved which was the main aim.

Finally, sleep. Remarkably having bought an Apple Watch to track the activities above, i’m now using it to track sleep too. I’ve actually proved what Lizzie keeps telling me that less than 7 hours sleep isn’t enough! Who knew…. 🙁

Anyhow, I’ve proven that it dramatically reduces my ability to concentrate, so actually it’s false economy staying up late, as it means you’re less productive the next day.

In summary the top three: 

  • Practice the clarinet every day – On track
  • Do something fitness related… either walking, squash, or simply Core exercises on busy days! – Mostly on track
  • Post to the blog every day, mostly on the topic of blockchain. – On Track

Having kept it going for this long I will continue the daily activities, although I think realistically on the blogging side I may instead start aiming for every other day, to give longer to pull together more in depth pieces that actually trigger learning rather than just news regurgitation.