A quick update… mostly news and a learning resource

A very quick update today, because there is a fair bit of news out there!

Firstly, Poloniex, one of the exchanges that has been around a while has been purchased. When I started in Crypto in the middle of 2017 it was one of the more well respected exchanges with a decent amount of volume. Things gradually dropped off and there were some support issues and a couple of outages. They have now been bought by Circle, a mobile payment provider. For more info see the post here. This is interesting because it’s a start towards some new players who are in regulated spaces coming into the Crypto space. Assuming they can throw in the resources to sort the support issues and scalability problems, then they could reinvigorate this exchange and then move to integrate it with their app, thus making it much easier to buy Crypto direct from your phone, using funds from existing linked bank accounts.

Another new piece today is the release of version 16 of the Bitcoin Core node/wallet software. It fully introduces SegWit and offers a new address type (bech32) which shortens the address and removes case sensitivity. It also changes the starting characters to bc1 instead of the 1 or 3 that have previously been used.

That’s it for now, other than to say i’ve been spending a chunk of time working through the material here:

This is a lengthy series of videos on all aspects of trading. Well worth the time…